Investment Approach

At Archangel Capital, we’re always thinking two steps ahead. We know the importance of a clear, well-defined strategy – and we believe that adapting that strategy as our fund expands will be key to maintaining long-term profitability. With that in mind, we’ve devised a three-phase program to sum up what we see as our primary goals through each stage of our growth.

Phase 1: Predator Phase

The predator model was created in response to what we see as a looming set of dangers and opportunities in the market today. Artificially low rates, quantitative easing, and skyrocketing valuations all contribute to a rising tide of volatility and uncertainty. With an interest rate hike from the US Federal Reserve on the horizon, we see an inflection point of historical magnitude approaching – and with that inflection, the potential for pitfalls and profits.

In Phase 1 of our fund, we’re preparing to capitalize on these opportunities as they occur. Like the raptors of the Cretaceous, this phase is all about being swift and cunning. Agile defensive and offensive position executions, a light portfolio footprint with minimal exposure, and decisive position selection give the Archangel predator model its edge.

Phase 2: Avalanche Phase

Once we’ve successfully navigated the unstable markets of the near future, our primary focus will be on expansion. To ensure long-term profitability, our goal is to build a robust portfolio of strong, unassociated positions. With that in mind, Phase 2 is all about building momentum. Like a few falling stones that start an enormous avalanche, we believe that the right opportunities targeted at the right time can cascade into huge successes. To identify these opportunities, the Archangel team thoroughly researches each potential investment, committing only when we’re confident in its long-term potential. We target early stage niche markets at key inflection points to build our portfolio of diverse, high-yield positions.

Phase 3: Conifer Phase

We never lose sight of our ultimate goal – to transform our fund into a timeless, universal investment model. Having established a strong, stable portfolio, in Phase 3 of our strategy we further secure our future in the market. Like conifers, the tallest, thickest and oldest trees in the world, we’ll entrench ourselves with deep roots through safer long-term investment terrain. By solidifying our position, we’ll withstand the shifting market while others plateau or fall victim to gravity.